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Meet Our Team

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Tony Holland
CEO / Founder

Tony, the founder of KCCoyote and Isotech, Inc, had a vision to assist farming communities in and around the Kearney Missouri area. Tony and Eileen have been providing their neighborhood with computer and internet needs for over 30 years.

Micah Wine

Network Administrator

Micah has been working with us for 10 years. He began with the company as a computer repair technician and is now the Network Administrator. Micah is also Firefighter and EMT serving his local communities. 

Nathanael Morgan
Wireless Operations Supervisor

Nathanael's family have been long time friends of the Hollands, going back to when Nathanael and his siblings were just young children and helped Tony put up his very first tower in Trimble. Shortly after Graduating Bible College he started working for Isotech/KCCoyote as a field technician and soon began taking on other responsibilities. Nathanael Enjoys serving the rural communities that we cover through the various roles he fills.

Timothy Morgan
Technology Support, Sales Director

Hi! My name is Timothy Morgan; I am your Customer Service Representative. I have been with KC Coyote for 5 years & enjoy serving the rural communities we cover. I moved to Florida for Bible School 2 years ago, where I met my beautiful wife, Shauna. I enjoy spending time with family and most activities outdoors. I look forward to working with each of you, our valued clients!

Zekarias Dabi
Assistant Technician

My Name is Zekarias Dabi, and I have been working at KCCoyote since the summer of 2020 as an assistant technician. I worked in transportation services for many years while I studied and got my degree in Electrical Engineering and 3 Cisco Network Certifications (CCNA, CCNA-Security, and CCNP). I am very self-motivated and can work well independently or on a team. I am excited for this opportunity to pursue a career in the field of technology with KCCoyote.

Michael Agamalian
Lead Technician

Hi, my name is Michael Agamalian. I was hired as an intern in 2016, and am now a Lead Technician. Along with the company goals of quality, respect, integrity, a servant’s heart, and teamwork, I strive to bring energy and innovation to the roles assigned to me. I love to assist other technicians and train new ones. I am proud of the customers I have helped provide internet to and the culture I have helped create at KCCoyote.

Luke Shelton
Computer Repair Technician

My Name is Luke Shelton and I have been the Computer Repair Technician here at KCCoyote since 2012. I graduated from ITT Tech in 2011 with a Degree in Information Technology. Tony and Eileen took a chance on me, and I have been repairing computers and networks ever since.

Krista Wine

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant, Krista Wine joined the Isotech/KCCoyote team in 2017 after twenty+ years of homeschooling her 7 children. She spends her days interacting with the customers and helping the technicians to fulfill the needs of a growing internet community. As a part of the rural KCCoyote community herself, Krista is thankful that she has the chance to help fulfill the company mission of getting wireless broadband to as many other families as possible..

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Kristy Harrison
Finance Manager

HI!, My name is Kristy ad I have been with KCCoyote since December 2017. I started out as a Customer Service Specialist and I am now the Accounting Specialist covering audits and reconciliations for both Accounts Payables and our Towers. On my off time, I enjoy spending time with my family including my three grandchildren.

Cassidy Ford

Marketing, Social Media, Sales

Hey ya'll I'm Cassidy, and I'm your representative for social media, marketing, and sales. As well as photographing the world around me, I enjoy helping the community. I've been at KCCoyote since I was a child. I was newly recruited to do the company's social media and promotions to help us better serve our community.

Sean Goss
Human Resource Specialist

Sean began his career in the retail industry working for multiple nationally recognized retailers. He came on board with KCCoyote in 2016 in the sales department.  In 2021 Sean moved to the human resource department to help assess new talent. He has a passion to see our company succeed and meet the needs of our communities.

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