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Isotech, Inc / KCCoyote, Inc. is a participating member of a Northwest Missouri MO-KAN Regional Technology Planning Team.

At last count just under 80 percent of Missouri residents had broadband access and the MoBroadbandNow initiative is seeking to raise that number to 95 percent before 2014. Residents of Missouri can test whether they have a high-speed Internet connection by visiting a recently launched online speed test by clicking HERE. The data from each test will be aggregated into an interactive map that will ultimately paint a picture of high-speed connectivity throughout Missouri.

Quote from MoBroadbandNow Press Release March 2011. What did Missourians tell the governor's survey teams? In their own words.

Businesses can take the speed test at http://transform.mo.gov/broadband/survey.php

The official web site for State of Missouri information can be found at http://www.mo.gov/

Rural Broadband Initiative and Regional Technology Planning Teams

Isotech, Inc. founding company of the KCCoyote, Inc. High Speed Broadband, now KCCoyote, Inc. has been addressing the rural Missouri Communities in Clinton, Platte, Clay, and Buchannan counties since 2005. We provided services fully compatible with the Missouri Governor's rural broadband initiative. KCCoyote, Inc. High Speed Broadband network is 100% privately and community funded.

Check with us or go to http://transform.mo.gov/broadband/ and take time to fill out the survey form. Your community and state will benefit from your input. The survey time takes from 10 to 15 minutes. You will have the opportunity to express your opinion about your internet services.

The owners believe that to take citizen's money and government money would be double dipping. The citizens participation with KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi communities program and the counties' cooperation in allowing semi-commercial towers to be erected has allowed a successful and rapid expansion into the un-served or under-served rural communities. Grant Funds would better serve the communities use by the local governments needing to provide digital Public Safety, Education and Medical communications.

We want to thank each of our counties Planning and Zoning boards, Commissioners, customers and our tower hosts for their continued support of the KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi communities projects in their area. They are helping each other to have services otherwise not available in the High Speed Broadband category. Each customer payment has a multiplied benefit for their neighbors and community.

If you are in an un-served or under-served area and would like to have the KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi community program operating in your community, please contact us for details.

Rural Urban Economic Development has benefited from this program as developers and home owners often cannot move their properties without Broadband Internet. Many rural customers can telecommute now that they can have connectivity to their offices and the Internet world.

The continued growth of the KCCoyote, Inc. network will additionally provide mobile broadband for Public Safety, Commercial Agents, Realtors and other area mobile internet needs.

All KCCoyote, Inc. customers will have access to the KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi hot-spots in the restaurants and points of recreation who subscribe to our service.

Realtors and Subdivision developers no longer need to wait for other carriers to bring broadband services into their rural developments. The KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi Subdivision program can enable the newest subdivision to have High Speed Broadband services and security surveillance cameras from the first day that power is available. The Wi-Fi Subdivision will have area wide Wi-Fi available for new residents on a permanent basis without Customer Premise Equipment installation.

If you are a developer and want information on KCCoyote, Inc. Wi-Fi subdivision, please contact us. Realtors, do not lose a sale because of the lack of High Speed Broadband in your area.

Customer Premise Information

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) have been trying to bring high-speed wireless services to the rural customers for many years. Many of these WISPs were just your average dialup service providers who try to bring in high speed internet to meet customer demand of growing high speed alternatives. KCCoyote, Inc. will bring in broadband bandwidth with high customer service and low cost. Only commercial gigabit fiber powers our network.

Our company has been setting up basic point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless networks for almost as long as this type of wireless technologies have been around. In the past, retransmitting high speed connections using wireless networks used to be cost prohibitive for residential service and small businesses. But now, the equipment and antennas that form the basis for this technology are within the grasp of most consumers. Our primary tower units are carrier grade switched mesh network designed to overcome the latency loss common to repeating signals from tower to tower. This resilient self-healing mesh network allows for rapid reconfiguring of damaged towers or upgrade and load balancing projects.

With the increasing volume of towers from which we transmit, most customers are within 4 miles of a tower location. These customers receive the outdoor wireless customer premise equipment to connect to our towers. Customer premise equipment can be an integrated radio and antenna. From the smallest 6"x8"x2" integrated radio to a 24" mesh antenna. Wireless customer premise equipment is less obtrusive than a satellite dish. The weatherproof design means that only one cable has to run inside the house from the Near Line of Site (NLoS) antennae. NLoS means that weather will not bring on the connection problems that satellite users run into. This shielded Category 5 outdoor cable connects to a power adapter inside the house which then plugs into your computer or network router / firewall. Many computers in a home network can comfortably connect at speeds from 1 to 2 Mbps. In March 2010 MIMO equipment was deployed which provides connection speeds in 2-3 Mbps, 3-4 Mbps, 4-5 Mbps and up to 10 Mbps.

Customers who are farther from a tower or have trees or horizon to overcome may use a tripod and mast, 50' extendable mast or full 50'-70' free standing personal tower. KCCoyote. Inc. will assist in acquiring tower permits as well as erection and engineering inspections.

Commercial Customers receive our high performance point to point units which transmit in the license free 5.8 GHz MIMO or licensed 3.65 GHz offering up to 10 Mbps bandwidth. These units can deliver the daily traffic of a full office of computers with speeds reaching 10 Mbps for upstream and downstream traffic. Commercial customers with an in office e-mail server must use the KCCoyote, Inc. or other qualified off-site spam and virus pre-filter to eliminate excess e-mail traffic.

2010 enhanced network equipment will offer 20 Mbps and plans are being evaluated to elevate the speed to 100 Mbps fed by our fiber powered towers.

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